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Overcast Photography

9/16/20231 min read

Another Place statue with a seagull on top
Another Place statue with a seagull on top

Today was overcast and it's always tricky to take pictures when it's like that. The light is diffused all over the place, so as far as the camera's light meater says that everything is so bright mainly because it is. Which tends to make pictures a little flat and bland, as well as the fact that it's difficult to get the right exposure, either everything is over exposed or under exposed.

For me there are only two things to do when you have this sort of circumstance. The first one is to choose texture and form over colour, because you're never really going to get much colour. You could also find contrast which I have done here, but still the image is really a mix of dull colours, so this is where textures are going to save you.

The second thing you can do is in post where you can up the contrast. The erro you can make is to up it too much. I did with one of my images and it almost looked like it has been badly photoshoped, because one of the statues looked black and looked so much like I had dropped it into the image.

So yes it's tough to take pictures when it's overcast, but choose your subject and enchance the image in post, but in my opinion be wary of over doing it. Of course ou are shooting in raw, so you can keep that and re-do it if you make a mistake surely? You are shooting in raw, right... right?