Is That Two off the Bucket List or One

Another Fly Past

7/30/20231 min read

So I've wanted to get a picture of a Lancaster for a while now and got a picture at the Krazy Races in Stockport and then when sat watching a brass band in LLandudno, I was minding my own business and from out over the water appeared this slow wide aircraft, from adistance it was hard to identify it. It certainly wasn't commercial as it was slow and the wingspan was huge compared to the body, so not only was I rushing to get my camera out, but I was rushing to swap lenses, the standar lens isn't good enough to get a good picture and -of course- this is result. It's always tricky because the aircraft is neer low enough to get a good photo, Pity we were not up the Great Orme, but since I had no idea that it was flying over then it was impossible to plan for anything. I also think it's the same one as last time, which is probably to be expected since there are only two left

I think the results are not bad, and the fact that the weather is better improves the image, however looking back I think the pictures in Stockport were better, but I had more time, and it flew past a few times. I think this time it was off somewhere else, so it's wasn't so much a fly past than a fly over... if that makes sense.