Lessons Learnt?

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10/20/20232 min read

I think I learned a few lessons this week, whether I will remember them is another matter. If you couldn't guess this week we went to our daughters graduation. It was tiring but it was great to go and great fun. But I think the main lesson to come away with is to take test shots before you kick off the day. The main reason for it is that you are the prepared for when the time comes to take action and start taking pictures and it gives you the confidence in a load of things, first you know that the images are at least going to be exposed to roughly the correct exposure, but also you know from pointing the camera in the right area and taking a shot, you're enabling the light meter to kick in so you can gauge whether the exposure time is short enough to avoid camera shake, of course make sure the the exposure is faster if you're zoomed in of course. The reason I say this is that I tooke a few test shots, only to discover that they were all massivly underexposed. I couldn't work it out. In fact all day I was sort of out of sorts to nothing with the camera was making sense, but at least I has time to step back and work out what the issue was. It turned out that when using my small "camera bag" which is really a sling back with a camera padded insert, the insert is a little ticght on the camera meaning that when I pull the camera out of the bag it can turn the feature dial on the camera. What had happened is that it had set the shutter speed and appature to something fixed and completely wrong.

The second lesson I learned was to always wear my glasses and not just wing it. This is less of a lesson for everyone and more for those who need reading glasses. This caused me to delete a picture when I was trying to zoom in because I pressed the wrong button and hit it twice rather than looking at what I was doing. Not even a SD Card recovery tool could get the file back despite recovering files from weeks and weeks ago which was rather annoying.

Hopefully I'll learn these lessons for next time.