Magpie Mine

A trip out over the weekend

4/24/20231 min read

It was probably not the weather for it as the weather was overcast, and that's never good weather for taking photos. The difused light makes everything so bright and there is so little shadow making the whole scene so flat.

Despite the weather I wanted to get out of the house and Magpie Mine had been on my radar for a few weeks. What is Magpie Mine? It's a very well preserved disused lead mine in Derbyshire. I belive there are events there every so often, but when we went there were no events, so it was quite quiet. There are few parking spaces on the road next to the mine, however I believe there's a car park in White Lodge, but I read reports that the walk from there to the Mine is rather steep, so I passed on that one and we parked on the road.

It's not a huge site, but it's interesting enough to have a walk around and then perhaps head off into Buxton for a tea room to replenish after all of that fresh air. With any luck if you decide to go it will be better weather. A nice sunny day wouldn't go a miss for a trip here.