Possibly the Magic Ratio

8/6/20231 min read

I think I have an example of this flower in Lyme Park, or was it Tatton. I don't know, but it looks similar however in my head (yes I have not looked up the image I have) it seems to be a normal flower and not this ball like flower, but I could be wrong. My memory fails me sometimes.

This example is at Calke Abbey, which isn't an abbey, well it used to be but isn't now. I was captured by this example as it was sort of perfect. Interestingly it's only when you get back home and process the images (yes I shoot in raw) when you see all the imperfections. Even so I like the photo. Mind you if it was a really good picture it would be in the store and not here... sorry.

I would say that Calke Abbey is definitely a place to visit, however they scuppered all plans to take a good picture of the front of the hall because of so much stuff placed in front such as toilets, marquees and some stuff about their outside cinema. Then when I was thinking of taking a side shot, a golf buggy turned up and parked outside the front door. Never mind.