The Dark Side

It's not easy taking pictures in the dark

8/25/20231 min read

I would reccomend seeing the Bassins du Luminaire in Bordeaux, it's worth a trip and something completely different. I believe there are different exhibitions from the same people elsewhere, but where else can you spend time in an old U-Boat bunker watching projections celebratin Dali and Gaudi with an imersive soundtrack to boot.

Personally I think I did an OK job of getting some half decent images out of it. The problem was that even on the highest ISO setting my camera as reporting that it would take 1/15 of a second to take a decent image, so some of the images were a bit blurry and had to be dumped. Then there was the issue that the auto-focus just didn't. There was nothing for the passive auto-focus to latch onto which was a pain some of the time. And if that wasn't enough to contend with I only found out after when reviewing the images, that some of the framing was off. Since you can't see the edge of the frame because it's black, som things were just framed off, either that or they were just not very straight. Despite that I think I did OK, but you be the judge.