The Pink Lake of Torrevieja

It's pink, it's a lake and it's in Torrevieja

7/16/20231 min read

This place is quite amazing, but I don't think the picture really does it justice. I think the problem is that the pinkness of the lake gets more intense the highe up you get, so you really need to be at 90 degrees to the lake for full impact,hpwever I still like the picture, not sure it wuld look the same if the chair was missing. Just so you know, it wasn't staged, this is how we found eveything. I think I was also lucky with the lighting, it's probably the golden hour. I think the clouds help to. So mainly eveything thatmakes the photo great was not up to me. As usual.

The Pink Lake of Torrevieja is a mesmerizing natural wonder located on the southeastern coast of Spain. Its distinctive pink hue sets it apart from other lakes in the region, creating a breathtaking sight for visitors. The lake owes its striking color to a unique combination of microorganisms and high salt concentration, creating a haven for vibrant pink algae. This natural phenomenon transforms the waters into a surreal pink spectacle that seems almost surreal. As the sunlight dances on the surface, the lake emanates a soft, rosy glow that captivates all who behold it. The Pink Lake of Torrevieja is not only a stunning sight but also a testament to the marvels that nature can produce, leaving visitors in awe of its beauty.