This is Getting Silly

Third Lancaster of the Year

9/11/20231 min read

Lancaster Bomber over the Avro Heritage Museum
Lancaster Bomber over the Avro Heritage Museum

This now sounds like stalking, but after never having the luck of taking a pic of a Lancaster bomber, let alone being able to see one, I have now seen my third of the year, which is just stupid. Bearing in mind that I have not been to an airshow this is even more stupid. Even worse is that I intentionally went to see two of them and the third was just being in the right place at the time at the right time.

Still it was the best show the we have had this year. The weather could have been better because the overcast cloud causes issues with exposure, but taking a load of pictures and compesating for that in post worked. I mean I tried to get the exposure correct at the time as that's the best thing to do, but since it was so bright and you could barely see the screen, and add to the fact that screens are not great to base any opinion on in some lights then you have to do the best you can.

The great thing about this flyover was that fact that unlike in Llandudno and Stockport, there was nothing around the Avro Heritage museum, so it could get really low compared to the other two. Plus the fact that it went over three times which was really good. It was so low, you can see the pilot and engineer. All very impressive, I just wish my photo skills matched the impresiveness of the event.